Last Hurrah!

So sad to say, but today was my last full day in Cape Town.  Instead of doing something very adventurous, I wanted to relax and enjoy the city one last time.  My roommate and I ventured to Clifton Beach for the day.  It is located right next to Camps Bay about 20 minutes from Observatory.  Here is a fun fact about Clifton Beach.  “Clifton was rated as one of the Top Ten Beaches by the cable and satellite television network Discovery Travel Channel in 2003 and 2004” (Discovery Travel Channel)  After several stairs we were able to see the gorgeous beach.  It was very secluded and peaceful.  We had a blast!  (We also got some color!)

Once we had enough time in the sun, my roommate and I walked around Camps Bay for a little bit.  At 7 o’clock my other roommates and friend met us for dinner.  We had a goodbye dinner for me at Ocean Blue.  It was a delicious seafood restaurant.  I ordered the seafood platter (Great variety of seafood), it was so delicious!  I even ate fish (Line Fish), it was actually really good!!  Now I am sitting in my apartment reflecting on my amazing journey in South Africa.  I can’t believe I am leaving tomorrow.  On a positive note, I am extremely excited to see my family, friends, and support system!  I am so excited to share my adventure with them!  And oh yeah…..I graduate in 5 days! 🙂


Clifton Beach!

Clifton Beach!

Clifton Beach!  Wonderful view of Lion's Head.  (I hiked that mountain! :) )

Clifton Beach! Wonderful view of Lion’s Head. (I hiked that mountain! 🙂 )


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