Green Market Square

The Green Market Square is a Flea Market located on Burg Street in Cape Town.  Since I only have two more days left (Including today), I had to get all of my souvenir shopping done today.  It was set-up in a large square that consisted of several tents all having unique south african souvenirs in them.  Most of the tents sold the same items, it was all about finding the best/lowest deals.  If you enjoy bargaining for good deals this is the place for you to go!  I spent at least 3 hours at the Green Market Square and I wouldn’t allow myself to leave until I was finished with all of my souvenir shopping.  It was a very relaxing day.  

I am basically all packed and ready to leave Wednesday morning.  I decided to get everything ready and set to go so I am able to enjoy my last full day in Cape Town tomorrow.  My roommate and I are going to one of the beaches in the city.  It should be a very nice, warm, and enjoyable day at the beach!  I am not looking forward to the 30 degree weather and snow!!  


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