End of the Year Events!

I’m sure you may be a little confused as to why it says, End of the Year Events.  In South Africa the primary schools (As well as all schools) finish school in December.  This is because December is that start of their Summer Holiday.  Where as in America we are heading into our Holiday (Christmas) break.  The past couple of days have been hectic at the Wynberg Boys Junior School (In a good way) preparing for these events!

Prize Giving!

Prize giving is exactly what it sounds like.  The students receive prizes (rewards, certificates, trophies) for all of their handwork and dedication throughout the school year.  Parents, family, and friends attended this event on Wednesday, November 26, 2014.  It was a beautiful event that lasted about an hour and a half.  All of the boy’s looked very sharp in their uniforms and we’re very excited for the event.  I was proud with how many awards they received!  They are brilliant kiddos!

The stage!

The stage!

Beautiful auditorium!

Beautiful auditorium!

My reserved seating! :p

My reserved seating! :p

Market Day!

Market Day is held once a year towards the end of the school year.  It is an event where the Grade 7 students are responsible for selling and/or re-selling items they bought, made, or already had.  For instance, they would sell food, drinks, candy, toys, etc.  The items that they already have consist of playstation.  They would charge the boy’s to play for a few minutes.  (Smart idea!  Every boy loves video games!)  This is an excellent event for the older boy’s pertaining to management and all of the responsibility that coincide with it.  It was also wonderful for the younger boy’s because they had to learn how to manage their money.  (They had to make sure they were getting the right change back!)  Market Day reminded me a lot of an event I and when I was in Middle School called, Middle School Mall.  It was an event where each student (Group of students) had to come up with a theme and sell different things they made.  (Of course I sold popcorn.  Yummy!)

It was definitely a fun and exciting week at the Wynberg Boys Junior School this week.  I am not looking for to leaving them next Friday. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, I know I will!  Cheers!


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