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Do you know your days, weeks, and months?  I know grade 1c does!  Prior to the lesson, my kiddos have learned their days, weeks, and months.  My cooperating teacher wanted me to do this lesson as a review to enhance their thinking.  I created a PowerPoint that consisted of questions, online interactive class games, and whole class activities.  As I went through the PowerPoint the student’s answered the questions and played the online interactive games.  You can find the online interactive games in the link provided:  At the end of the lesson we did two activities.  Last week my teacher assessed the student’s on both day and night.  She asked that I conduct an activity to reinforce their knowledge on the topic.  I decided to do a Venn Diagram on what you see during the day, night, and both day and night.  When filling out the Venn Digram I wrote what you see in the day, night, and both day and night in separate colors.  (It makes it easier for the students to distinguish each section)  The last activity that I had the class complete was a train worksheet.  The activity consisted of each student having to build a train by putting the months in their correct order.  Once the train was connected they had to color the train and draw a picture of something that occurs during that specific month (Holiday, birthday, special day, etc.)  They had a blast with this activity!  I even turned on some fun music for them to listen to while working on the activity because they were doing such an excellent job! Click to view the PowerPoint:  Days, weeks, and months!  Click to view Train Worksheet:  Train Worksheet – Months

Fantastic work from one of my kiddos!

Fantastic work from one of my kiddos!


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