Buzzin’ around with b”ee”!

Good Afternoon!  It was such a lovely day at school today!  I taught a fun lesson on double ee words to my class.  I started the lesson with a video explaining what the double ee sound looks and sounds like.  The video also provided example double ee words which was great for the student’s to see and hear.  After the video we played an online double ee word matching game on  If you click on this link it will direct you to the online game!

When we were finished playing the matching game, I had my class come up with double ee words on their own.  As they were saying double ee words, I wrote them down on the SMART Board.  When the board was full, I showed my kiddos a list of double ee words I created.  The list I made, along with their list was to be used for our double ee activity.

Last week on Wednesday the entire first grade had an assembly.  The assembly was all about bee.  My class loved the assembly and learned so much about bees!  Since they enjoyed it so much, I decided to incorporate bees into my double ee word lesson today!  All of my boy’s were given a worksheet.  On the worksheet was a rectangle with “My B __ __ Hive!” on it.  (They had to fill in the missing ee)  I provided them with seven hexagons.  The hexagons resemble the honey comb that bees crawl into.  The instructions for the lesson were to put a double ee word in each hexagon along with a picture to represent the double ee word.  The student’s then had to cut out the hexagons and make a flower/hive out of them.  I also provided them with four blank bees.  When they were finished everything they were able to color the blank bees and glue them throughout the hive they created!

Here is the PowerPoint that I created for the lesson!  Buzzin’ around with bee!

Take a look at the finished product post below!  Beautiful work from one of my first graders!

Thanks for buzzin’ in today!  Special thank you to those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces!  Happy Veterans Day!

My Bee Hive!


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