Uh-oh, Oreo!

What first grader doesn’t like OREO’S?!  …. That’s what I thought, NONE!  This led me in choosing the lesson that I did for teaching the phases of the moon.

I created a PowerPoint that I used throughout the lesson.  The PowerPoint consisted of a video, images of the moon (primarily focusing on three phases: full moon, half moon, and crescent moon)  I have attached the PowerPoint below if you would like to use it or simply check it out!  The moon. (Click on “The moon.” to view the PowerPoint.

After going through the PowerPoint with the class, it was time for a fun activity!  This is where the ore’s come into play!  I provided the class each with an Oreo.  It was their job to show me a full moon, half moon, and crescent moon.  They all loved this so much!  Once they created one phase of the moon I allowed them to eat the cream to help them get to the next phase of the moon!  At the end of the lesson I wanted them to show me a new moon.  A new moon is all black and you can’t really see it in the sky, so they all had to eat the rest of their Oreo cookie to show me that!

  • Full Moon – All of the cream
  • Half Moon – Half of the cream
  • Crescent Moon – 1/4 of the cream

Full MoonHalf MoonCrescent Moon


The night before the lesson I saw a full moon, so that was great to share with my class.  I told them to follow the moon at night and the next day they came in with pictures to share with me and their classmates!



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