First day on the job!

The day has finally arrived!  On Thursday I was able to go to my placement at Wynberg Boys Junior School!  It is such an amazing school.  When I walked into the classroom I was greeted by all of the students standing up and saying “Welcome Sir!”  Instead of saying “Mr” they say “Sir”.  The classroom that I will be teaching in is first grade.  I was very surprised to see how similar the classroom is compared to the states.  Throughout the day everyone has two breaks.  The first break is for the kiddos to eat lunch.  The teachers get a tea/coffee, crackers, cheese, and spread break!  I was thrilled when I found this out!  The second break consists of snack time and lunch for the teachers.  In the afternoon each student changes into outdoor clothes for extra curricular activities.  Yesterday they went swimming and played Cricket (bat-ball game) in the afternoon.  Once the extra curricular activities were complete it was the end of the day.  It was such a fast, fun, and wonderful first day.  I am beyond excited to see what the next seven weeks have in store for me.


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