Finding my way around the city

Talk about the most beautiful place on earth.  Yesterday I had the whole day to explore the city of Cape Town on the CitySightseeing Tour Bus.  On the bus tour it took us around the city and consisted of 12 different stopping points to get on/off to explore the city.  If you click on this link it will direct you to a website with all of the details about the tour.  My favorite part was stop 7 where I saw the most amazing view of the city, literally mind blown.

At stop 5 on Long Street, I came across  the perfect find for an elementary teacher, a children’s book titled, “My Cape Town ABC”.  Throughout the book it goes through the entire alphabet and for each letter it has words related to the city of Cape Town.  Also, for each of the letters it asks a question to the reader and the answers are provided in the back!  (I loved that idea!)  In the back of the book is a glossary with specific definitions and famous landmarks in Cape Town.  I can’t wait to store this in my classroom library one day for all of my kiddos to explore!

During lunch time I walked around the Water Shed market at V&A Waterfront.  For a newbie to the city it was the best place to be.  From sample to sample to sample to FULL!  If I wasn’t starving, I would’ve been content with all the free samples.  I had a yummy sample of Ostrich jerky (Similar to beef jerky but a little sweeter).  After being there for an hour I was getting exhausted and was ready to head back to the apartment.  Finding my way back to the apartment was definitely an experience.  Once I found the train station it was a clear path home.

My Cape Town ABC book!

My Cape Town ABC book!

Lunch at Water Front

Lunch at Water Front

The beautiful view of Cape Town.

The beautiful view of Cape Town.


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